Brodmann CE-118 Upright Piano Polished Ebony


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The Brodmann CE-118 is the first model in the Brodmann upright piano range, yet despite its size, this piano has an excellent touch and beautiful tone.

Built from standard components (as opposed to the luxurious components found in the PE-series) the Brodmann CE-118 is built to Brodmann’s strict quality control guidelines and is designed to provide the best playing experience at the lowest possible price.

At a similar price point to many digital pianos, this compact model makes a compelling case for choosing a traditional upright over an electronic instrument.

Unlike some budget pianos, the Brodmann CE-118 is built to a professional standard, utilizing reinforced, double-felted hammers which add longevity and allow the piano technician to focus the strike point and give a clear, even sound; a solid spruce soundboard for improved transmission of sound and four solid timber backposts to add strength to the structure of the piano to aid in tuning stability.

In addition, the Brodmann CE-118 utilizes a Langer action, one of the more respected piano actions available in the world today, giving a smooth and direct connection between the pianist’s fingers and the sound created by the piano.

With a 10-year warranty provided, the CE-118 is an excellent choice for a first acoustic piano.

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