Yamaha U1PEQ 121cm Upright Piano


A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, the Yamaha U1PEQ offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured.

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The U1PEQ is fully built in Japan. Yamaha’s U-series pianos have set the standard in upright pianos for the past 50 years. Thanks to a half century of design improvements, these world-standard instruments are better than ever, with numerous advances in materials and construction.

Refined scale designs and components improve tonal performance, while other¬†improvements enhance strength and durability. If you ask any piano technician which piano he or she recommends for the home, there’s an extremely high chance the answer will be a Yamaha U-series. At 121cm, the U1PEQ is Yamaha’s mid-size U-series piano.

Spruce Soundboard

At the Yamaha lumber mill and wood processing facility, the finest spruce is quarter sawn; and less than 10% of the total is selected and reserved for Yamaha piano soundboards. Solid spruce, rather than laminated spruce or poplar, is the choice in all fine pianos for the best amplification of sound, best tone and sustain.

Seasoned for Destination

Yamaha specifically seasons the U1PEQ for the Australian market using a proprietary technology. The tuning stability, finish and overall musical integrity are enhanced over the long life expected of a fine piano.

Tuning Pins

Made in-house at Yamaha, Yamaha tuning pins are made to exacting specifications to ensure stability and durability.


Yamaha pinblocks are made in-house to ensure that correct materials and procedures are used. This is vital for long term tuning stability.

Spruce Keys

Yamaha uses Spruce for the keys on all models of pianos. Spruce is very light and possesses a very high ratio of strength to weight. It is ideal for key construction, even though its cost is greater than either sugar pine or bass wood. Yamaha keyboards respond quickly providing fast repetition for the most intricate piece of music. Yamaha keyboards withstand heavy use over years of fortissimo passages.

V-Pro Plate

Yamaha uses V-Pro (Vacuum Shield Mold Process) in casting the iron frame (plate). V-Pro plates are stronger and visually more appealing. Critical dimensions are produced more accurately than before.

Metal Action Rails

Yamaha engineering developed a unique Extruded Aluminum Alloy Action Rail (bearing a Yamaha patent) that is one of the best innovations for improving a piano action in the last 100 years. The usual fluctuations in wood rails that effect touch, caused by periodic weather changes, are eliminated allowing stable, long-lasting action regulation.

Balanced Action

Each key of a Yamaha piano U1PEQ is individually tested and measured for the corrections needed to obtain uniform “down weight” pressure. Yamaha actions play correctly and uniformly. This balancing helps ensure a lifetime of superior touch and control across the keyboard.

Uniform Key Travel

Yamaha designs all grand and vertical pianos to have the same key travel. Regardless of size, type or model of Yamaha piano, the keyboards will always feel the same.

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